Pino and Eugenio talk about Foto Rizzo:

"..Our mission is tell, remember, touch…"

"…Take a picture stands for writing with lights and colours, stands for describing without words. Take a picture is much more than a simple image, is tell about a person and her emotions, for ever!

We are proud that a photography is able to arouse a smile or a tear..that's why we try to improve our competence every day."

Cine Foto Pino Rizzo was born in 1979 in Milano, thanks to Pino Rizzo.

In 1983 Pino Rizzo launched a branch at Moliterno (Basilicata), then a new one in Rome.

In 2006 Cine Foto Pino Rizzo became "Foto Rizzo digital service s.r.l." and Eugenio, Pino son, followed in his father's footsteps.

Today the company is a leading company in its field. Over the years it has dealed with a lot of fine art photography sectors and now it is qualified to capture images for all sorts of purposes: art, weddings, commercial functions, meetings, advertising, fashion.

Shooting photographs means searching passionately, analyzing, taking on new challenges.

Pino and Eugenio are ready to capture every single moments to tell you story.